NServiceBus Studio Cheat Sheet


    • Windows 8 Enterpise Edition

    • Visual Studio 2010 SP1

    • NServiceBus 3.2.8

Installation and Configuration


Visual Studio must be installed and the NuGet Package Manager extension must be installed. If the NuGet Package Manager extension is not installed, fire up Visual Studio and select Extension Manager from the Tools menu. Click the Online Gallery and type nuget into the search box. The NuGet Package Manager extension should show up in the results pane. Install the NuGet Package Manager from there.


Download the NServiceBus zip file and prior to unbundling the file first go into the properties for the file and Unblock it.

Then unzip the file to a local directory, for example:



Open a command prompt; you must open the command prompt as an administrator. Set the default directory to the directory you unzipped the download file to and then run the RunMeFirst.bat script, for example:

cd/d c:\apps\nservicebus


A number of files will be placed into the C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence directory, MSMQ will be installed (if it is not already), and the DTC configuration will be checked. The output from RunMeFirst.bat should look something like this:

c:\apps\nservicebus>echo off

1 file(s) copied.

1 file(s) copied.

1 file(s) copied.

1 file(s) copied.

Running infrastructure installers and exiting (ignoring other command line parameters if exist).

Unpacking resources

Unpacking Esent_Interop to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Esent.Interop.dll

Unpacking Lucene_Net_Contrib_SpellChecker to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Lucene.Net.Contrib.SpellChecker.dll

Unpacking ICSharpCode_NRefactory to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\ICSharpCode.NRefactory.dll

Unpacking Raven_Munin to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Munin.dll

Unpacking Raven_Abstractions to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Abstractions.dll

Unpacking Raven_Server_exe to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Server.exe.config

Unpacking Newtonsoft_Json to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Newtonsoft.Json.dll

Unpacking Raven_Storage_Managed to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Storage.Managed.dll

Unpacking Raven_Server to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Server.exe

Unpacking Raven_Studio to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Studio.xap

Unpacking Raven_Database to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Database.dll

Unpacking Lucene_Net to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Lucene.Net.dll

Unpacking Lucene_Net_Contrib_Spatial to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Lucene.Net.Contrib.Spatial.dll

Unpacking Raven_Storage_Esent to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\Raven.Storage.Esent.dll

Unpacking BouncyCastle_Crypto to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll

Unpacking NLog to C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence\NLog.dll

Installing service

NServiceBus.Persistence service started

Starting installation of PerformanceCounters

Installation of PerformanceCounters successful.

Checking if MSMQ is installed.

MSMQ is not installed. Going to install.

Waiting for process to complete.

Installation of MSMQ successful.

Checking that DTC is configured correctly.

DTC not configured correctly. Going to fix. This will require a restart of the DTC service.

DTC configuration fixed.

DTC is good.

If you do not have the NuGet Package Manager installed in Visual Studio then the last line of the output will be:

NuGet extension for visual studio is a prerequisite for the NServiceBus modeling tools. Please install the nuget extension manually - http:/


Then a window titled VSIX Installer will appear. This window will confirm that you want to install the NServiceBus Studio extension into Visual Studio 2010. Click the Install button. Again, if the NuGet Package Manager extension is not installed then an error will be displayed. Go and install the NuGet Package Manager extension and run the script again, if necessary.

The script does the following:

    1. Installs the NServiceBus Persistence service, which is just an instance the RavenDB Server which runs in the Windows service named RavenDB.

    2. Installs the performance counters.

    3. Installs the Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server Core, if it is not already installed.

    4. Configures DTC, if necessary.

    5. Creates a directory named C:\Program Files\NServiceBus.Persistence which contains:

      • A RavenDB database in a subdirectory named Data.

      • The RavenDB server files.

    6. If necessary, the following Visual Studio extensions are installed:

      • Feature Extension Runtime

      • Pattern Toolkit Manager

      • WebEndpoint

      • WebMVCEndpoint

      • NServiceBus Modeling

      • NServiceBus Studio

      • NServiceBusHost

NServiceBus and the NServiceBus Studio is now installed.