Git Cheat Sheet

Installing Git on Windows

To do develoment for Android you will most likely want to install Git in order to get at various source code repositories. The Git software is source code management software like Subversion and others. Historically, Git on Windows required that Cygwin first be installed. To use Git on Windows you will first need Cygwin installed but the MSysGit project is a “native” port of Git for Windows.


    • Windows Vista SP1

    • Git 1.6.3-preview

Installing Git on Windows

    1. Run the Git installer executable.

    2. In the Welcome window, click the Next button.

    3. In the License Information window, click the Next button.

    4. In the Destination Location window, enter the directory you wish to install Git to, then click the Next button.

    5. In the Start Menu Folder window, specify the name you would like to use for the software on the Start Menu (just use the default of Git), then click the Next button.

    6. In the Additional Tasks window, specify which icons you would like created and what sort of Windows Explorer integration you would like, then click the Next button.

    7. In the PATH window, you can specify if you want Git to be accessibly only from a Cygwin window, from a Windows Command Prompt window, or from any shell using Unix tools by default. I like to choose the second option (Run Git from the Windows Command Prompt). Make your selection, then click the Next button.

    8. In the SSH executable window, you can specify whether to use the ssh tool that comes with Git or you can tell Git to use the PLink tool that comes with the PuTTY software (if you have PuTTY installed). Choose the appropriate option, then click the Next button.

    9. In the CR/LF behavior window, specify the type of line endings you wish to use. Since this is a Windows system, choose the second option (Use Windows style line endings), then click the Next button.

    10. The Installing window will appear and the Git files will be installed on your system. Once complete, the Completing window will appear, so click the Finish button.