EasyRSA Cheat Sheet

EasyRSA is a simple way to create certificates.


    • Windows Server 2008 R2.

    • EasyRSA 2.2.2-1.




EasyRSA can be downloaded from their GitHub repository. Once downloaded, expand the zip or tgz file. Copy the resultant directory to a directory where you want EasyRSA to run. I like to copy the EasyRSA-2.2.2-1-Windows directory to C:\apps.

You will also need a couple of directories to hold your certificate files as well as modules (smartcard) files. I like to create these directories under my admin directory, for example:



That’s all there is for installation.

Server Configuration

The README.txt file in the EasyRSA directory has a nice step-by-step list of things that must be done to configure EasyRSA. These steps will be summarized here.

First open a command prompt and set the directory to the EasyRSA directory.

cd/d C:\apps\EasyRSA-2.2.2-1-Windows

Run the init-config.bat file, which simply copies the vars.bat.sample file into the vars.bat file. The vars.bat file is the configuration file for EasyRSA.


Now open the vars.bat file in a text editor in order to customize it for your purposes.